Celebration Grid

First steps

Here we were trying to apply agile methodologies in our team! All of us knew this methodologies but actually was the first time we did this kind of stuff in the company we work for at the very beginning of a project, so we were in the spotlight trying to change few practices and the landscape (in fact without realizing we were also trying to change our culture, which it’s not easy but at the same time is really motivating).

Introducing Celebration Grid

Finally once we deployed the application into production we agreed doing a meeting as a retrospective. My first goal of this meeting was to know what we did well and what we learn, hoping that if we increase good practices we would reasonability decrease bad practices.


We shared our thoughts and as we predict we experimented ergo we learned!

Next steps

At sum up, we decided to do this kind of meeting every time we release a new version of this application and obviously Celebration Grid will be a must. Every day is good to celebrate something and sharing experiments, practices and errors. As my experience I enjoyed doing celebration grid it heled us giving/receiving feedback, connecting people, looking for ways to improve, new ideas, etc.



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Joan Díaz

Joan Díaz


Agile, Lean, company culture, new ways of management or self-management enthusiast.