Niko-Niko Calendar

Our beginning

first version on June


Afterwards we add more feelings, we agree to talk only about feelings related with work issues not personal, to avoid awkward moments.

new version with faces

How we use it

It started as an experiment but I think that nowadays we cannot work without it. However, when we started it we were very clear that this was a tool only for us not something that people out of the team could use on their side. If somebody ask about it, we would kindly explain what is it and why is usefull for us, but is build for peace and love not for war and death.

  • We have add a new vocabulary, during the day if you need some help from any colleague you can ask them in which colour is she.
  • If there is a lot of greens, it could be a good moment to introduce new cool things. If there is a red wave, we should introduce something to fix this but not new trendy things, might it’s not a good moment for experiments.
  • People is more concerned about how their teammates are going on. Thanks to that it has emerged healthy and polite conversations talking about why are you yellow or red, in order to know better each other and see whether you can help them. We never force people to be red, this is the point.
  • Not everything that counts can be counted, but with this calendar we are also trying to follow a couple of rules in order to make it usefull: promote our values and transparency, because people can come to it and show how we are feeling, day after day (we mesure it often, I mean daily); and because NikoNiko visualize and humanize a great metric, which is a great start on how people looks metrics.



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Joan Díaz

Joan Díaz


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