The older I am the more important I think that values are one of the most important things in order to build a great environment for a glued team. I couldn’t be more agree with the Peter Druker’s famous quotation “ Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, I think every culture must have a subset of principals which must be based on a set of values. Once you have theses, then you will be able to use them as a cornerstone in order to take decisions alone and/or jointly.

For this reason, we decided to take action in this matter and we did a “values workshop” to choose our main values.

Values workshop

First of all, I printed a list of values (you can find them here at Management 3.0 webpage), then I did another list of values based on this first list but a little bit shorter (with 50 values and translated to Spanish), which is more usable for us, I printed 4 of this.

After doing a brief introducction about what was the goal of the workshop I shared with the team the list of values I said before. Then we followed this steps:

  1. - Individual choice: Each team member had to choose (in silence) 3 to 4 values which they feel more represented by. They could choose from the list or obviously they could choose a new one, the lists of values I printed were only to help them as an icebreaker.

Finally here you have the result:

  • Core Value: Coherence, Colaboration, Proactivity and Adaptability.

Bonus track: As an optional activity before the workshop we proposed to materialise our core values, I mean to make them physical… Currently, we are thinking to buy some stuff which could represent these values and make a little pedestal with all of them where all team members could see.

Agile, Lean, company culture, new ways of management or self-management enthusiast.

Agile, Lean, company culture, new ways of management or self-management enthusiast.